Enhancing Life trains clients locally at a beautiful facility owned by The Lexington Healing Arts Academy.



Come learn our philosophy, complete a comprehensive movement assessment, and give a taste of what it is like to train with us. Expect to leave our orientation with a new understanding on health, strength, nutrition, movement, breathing, and mindfulness. We will also introduce you to a network of professionals we trust. This will include functional medicine practitioners, physical therapists, nutritionists, and massage therapists.

Semi‐Private Training

Our Semi-Private Training are groups of 2-3 people. Each person receives their own personalized program uniquely designed for their personal goals. This is where little changes make a huge difference. Our coaching style is known for its attention to detail and for its ability to appropriately progress you, making every exercise comfortable and pain-free. Training with us is a journey. You will learn how good your body can feel and what it can accomplish.

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