Client Expectation

Client Expectation

We are not your regular gym. Here at Enhancing Life, we are looking for people who desire to partner with us and approach this partnership with an open mind and willing attitude towards gaining health one step at a time. We approach things differently and have a mindset of always improving through education and community.

Our clients are not just a randomized program and monthly payment. We are invested and connected in our clients lives. We dedicate a great deal of effort and energy to customize individual needs to fit each person.

We may suggest you do things "out of the box" to reach your goals and we ask that you trust us. If its a fat-loss journey you are planning to start, we may begin with foundational health issues that may be road blocking your success. We may ask you to put your phone away early in the evening and block out blue light sources, in order to guard your sleep. We may suggest giving up your low fat greek yogurt and oatmeal for breakfast. Our partnership may seem out of the ordinary, but we are a whole life approach that encompasses looking at the overall picture and trying to meet you where you currently are, to help get you where you want to be.

Everyone of our clients is on their own journey, and we leave comparison outside. We are dedicated to our own continued growth and education, so we hope you feel you can walk in our doors, without fear. We are all at different places in our health journey, from beginners, to teenagers trying to improve their over all athleticism and performance, to grand-parents who want to keep up with their grandkids, or fathers trying to get their life back after working 12 hour shifts, to moms at every stage trying to be their best self for their people and everyone in between.

We want to help you reach your goals and better connect with your body, through breathing, proper mobility and strength training. Most importantly our work together will focus on enhancing the durability and longevity of your life.