About Us

Enhancing Life is not just a business for us. It is who we are. Taking the knowledge + ability we have, and using it to help our fellow humans create better futures is the best feeling in the world. With our 15 years of combined education and experience we are dedicated to helping our clients create sustainable results. Knowing we have information that can help people enhance their quality of life fuels everything we do. It drives us to never quit learning and growing.

Proud Owners


Lucy was raised in an environment that encouraged curiosity and getting to the root cause of health issues. Her journey into coaching began at the age of 19 at The Lexington Healing Arts Academy’s Personal Training Program. Soon she discovered that she was passionate beyond just helping people lose weight. What if she could help clients discover the root cause of their poor movement patterns and deteriorating health? What if she could help those clients take charge of their bodies in order to create SUSTAINABLE health? Discovering that she could help people gain strength, while also enabling them to create healthy, happy bodies ignited a passion.

Lucy’s devotion to continuous improvement and education led her to complete multiple courses and also to obtain her license in massage therapy. Her passionate desire to share the information she learned helped her overcome a fear of public speaking. Now Lucy impacts thousands of people through in person training, speaking engagements all over the country, and by contributing to articles and podcasts such as "Best Damn Postural Article, Period" on Darkside Strength and "Bringing Awareness to Your Breath" on robbwolf.com

Lucy helps her clients achieve goals that they never thought would be possible. She can take anyone who has little to no anatomy knowledge and educate them on the human body and teach them what they need to do to get their lives back. She goes above and beyond when it comes to providing for her clients, focusing on restoring fundamental movement patterns, increasing strength, and most importantly enhancing one’s quality of life. You can trust that she will always connect and refer you to current, reliable information. She makes learning about what your body needs fun and exciting.


In 2001 David joined the Army Infantry on a quest to better his life. Shortly after basic training, the issues in the Middle East forced his unit to deploy several times. During his service David received the prestigious Combat Infantryman Badge. He gained a perspective on life that serves him and all those with whom he interacts.

That perspective wasn’t born overnight. After several confusing years post military, David found the Healing Arts Center of St. Louis. He graduated in 2007 from the HAC Massage Program and his life was changed forever. He learned how to let go and breathe again.

Shortly after school David received his first of many training certifications. His journey down the movement rabbit hole commenced, and his obsession with proper movement continues today. Over the last decade David has made a name for himself as a movement expert and one ofthe premier coaches in the country. He has grown gyms, trained trainers, lectured on movement and health, all with a contagious passion that has enhanced thousands of lives.